Frequently Asked Questions


Do role models only visit classrooms? 

  • Role Models visit a variety of academic settings including STEM Fests, school fairs, after school programs, and community events. Virtual visits are also an option. 


Does the SRM Program host virtual visits?


How can I request a Student Role Model Visit?


Is there a cost associated with visits?

  • No, there is no fee for requesting a visit. 


Are there any supplies or materials that the instructor needs to provide?

  • Most, if not all, materials needed for the activities are provided by the SRM Program, if there are any exceptions the SRM Coordinator will let you know ahead of time. The educator is responsible for providing the space (i.e. library, classroom, etc.), this includes tables, chairs, and potentially, access to an electric plug.


Can visits be requested for weekends? 

  • Yes, requests can be made for Saturdays and Sundays but availability depends on undergraduate students' schedules. 


Does making a request on the database signify the event being scheduled? 

  • No, after making a request, the SRM Coordinator will send you a confirmation email with details of the visit. 


How far in advance do requests have to be made? 

  • It is best to make a request 4-6 weeks in advance to schedule SRMs. If a request is made less than 4 weeks out, we will do our best to accommodate.


Are activities only for female identifying groups/ individuals? 

  • No, the SRM Program visits all kinds of groups with male and female identifying individuals. 


What are some of the most popular activities by age group?

  • K-2nd: Catch a Rainbow, Armpit Fudge, Hoop Gliders 
  • 2nd-5th: Marshmallow Towers, Density Layers, Making DNA 
  • 6th-8th: Cy’s Zipline, Protect the Pringle, Intermediate Electric Circuits 
  • 9-12th: Expert Electric Circuits, Panel visits, Straw Roller Coasters 


What should I do if I need to reschedule or cancel my visit? 

  • Please cancel your visit within 24 hours of the scheduled time. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours out please call our office, 515-294-0966. We will do our best to reschedule the visit. 


Are there ever cancellations due to inclement weather? 

  • We reserve the right to cancel due to severe weather and road conditions. We will try to notify you of a cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled visit and do our best to reschedule. 




Contact Information

Yamille Perez • Program Specialist • • 515-294-5319