Undergraduate Keynote Speaker: Tiara Turner


A student and a developer (of people not software), Tiara aspires to enable her community to be self-sustaining and to help others do the same for themselves and their families. As a senior in Industrial Engineering, Tiara has made a point to impart the little wisdom she has gained on those she has interacted with in the many leadership roles she has held. One of those bits of wisdom is to “Know your worth and use that knowledge to always negotiate and advocate for yourself”. During her time at Iowa State, she has served two terms as president of the ISU chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (for which she currently serves as a senator), served as a Wise Peer Mentor and a Cardinal Mentor, worked both as a Cyclone Aide and a STAR, and was a part of the President’s Leadership Class with former ISU President Steven Leath. Along the way to earning her Bachelors, she has completed an Associates of Engineering Science, an Economics minor, and a certificate in Leadership Studies.