Go Further Pre-recorded Sessions 

Pre-recorded sessions are free and no registration is necessary. 


Session TitleSession Description Materials (Provided by Participants)
WiSE Student PanelHear from current students about why they chose their STEM major and Iowa State.  
How Cool is Your Thermos?

The Graduate Society of Women Engineers (GradSWE) will explore heat transfer by designing and testing a thermos to insulate water. Students will learn to design and construct an insulating thermos to keep heat from entering the cup of water. They will take temperatures at the beginning and end to compare results.

Participants need to provide:

3 plastic cups
Paper towel
Aluminum foil 
Ice water

How to Be a Disease Detective

Disease outbreaks happen every day. Disease detectives are on the front lines saving lives, stopping outbreaks, and figuring out how they started. During this session, participants will work as disease detectives to solve an outbreak involving humans and animals. Presented by Public Health Veterinarian Dr. Molly Lee. 

What It Means to be a Material Engineer

Members of the Material Advantage student organization will present a variety of demonstrations with a plethora of materials. These demonstrations will show you what materials can do, and what engineers do when working with materials. Some things you can expect to see are blow torching steel, breaking CDs, and smashing balls that have been frozen liquid nitrogen. This session will provide a better understanding of material properties, and the role of engineers in everyday materials.  

Exploring Life as a Chemist

In this session, join Iowa State chemist as they demonstrate how chemistry is present in our daily lives. From separating the components of pen ink to splitting water into its elements, we will share our insight on how we, as chemists, think about life.

Microbiology Lab TourLearn what it's like to have a microbiology class at Iowa State and view a tour of the lab.  
Why I Chose MicrobiologyHear from current Microbiology students at Iowa State about why they chose their major.  
Explore Computer Science

Participants will learn about impact of careers in computing and hear personal experiences and contributions of three computer science professors. A hands-on activity includes using Google Earth to find the location housing US women code breakers who deciphered secret messages, helping the US and allies winning World War II.

Lunar Astronaut Tool 

Hear from a team of ISU engineering students designing a lunar tool for astronauts as part of the NASA Micro-g NExT Challenge. We will share information on the engineering and scientific knowledge that goes into our project and teach viewers about the steps in the Engineering Process. Participants can follow an activity that helps them brainstorm their own ideas for a lunar tool for astronauts!


Permeable Pavement

Have you ever thought about what materials engineers use for the pavement to absorb water around rivers? Imagine that your community would like a sidewalk alongside their river for the people to run, bike, and walk their children (and pets) on nice days. However, the community knows that there will be a flood from a storm if the riparian area is not constructed to absorb water. What would you do design to prevent a flood?
So, let's design a sample permeable pavement around the river using a paper towel, cotton, and sponge. You then decide which material works best at absorbing water to reduce river flooding.

Participants need to provide:

Aluminum baking pan

Modeling clay


Cotton balls

Paper towels

Plastic water bottle

Permanent marker

Build it: ElectromagnetAn electromagnet runs on electricity and is different from a permanent magnet. Learn how to build your own electromagnet with simple household items. 

Participants need to provide:

Iron or steel bolt, 2-3" long

Metal paper clips

Masking tape

22-gauge varnish-insulated copper wire, 30" long


2 D batteries

Drain Game

The student organization Engineering without Borders will explore watersheds through a hands-on experiment. Watersheds are the area of land that drains rainfall into lakes and oceans. During our experiment, we will break down different categories of items that end up in bodies of water and why this happens. Civil and environmental engineers work with these types of problems.

Participants need to provide:

2 sheets of paper

6 different colored pens

1 spray bottle

6 inches of clear tape

2 sheets of paper towels.

Bioinformatics in Real Life Action

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field involving Biology, Statistics, and Computer Science. Participants will learn how Statistics and Computer Science are used to solve biological questions.

Website Poetry

Learn how HTML and CSS to create your own webpage of poetry.

Women in RocketryParticipants will hear from members of the ISU Rocketry Club. Learn about the Aerospace industry and college student experiences in STEM majors at Iowa State.


Careers in Meteorology 

The American Society of Meteorologist student organization will give an overview of what meteorology is, courses required in college for a Meteorology major, and possible career paths.  

Building A Battery Demonstration Batteries are everywhere! Watch this demonstration of how to build a battery to power up a LED light using everyday items found in the kitchen. The basic chemistry behind the battery built will also be explained.



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