About WiSE Study Abroad

WiSE offers a study abroad "short" program, with travel occurring over the Spring Break period focused on the broader social, economic, political, and historical contexts of STEM and gender across the globe. Students receive 3-credits toward their International Perspectives requirement.

Dates & Location

The next program will be held Spring Break 2021. The location will be announced at a later date.

Cost Estimate

The total costs are estimated at $3,500. Scholarships from WiSE are available. 

Course Information 

Once accepted into the program, students will be enrolled into the corresponding course, INT ST 295, which occurs over the entire spring semester. Students will receive 3-credits towards their International Perspectives requirements.


The Spring 2021 application will open in Fall 2020. 


Contact Information

Carly Miller • Undergraduate Programs Coordinator • millerc@iastate.edu • 515-294-9964