WE Lead: Womxn's Empowerment and Leadership Conference

WiSE partners with a variety of departments on campus to provide a day-long leadership conference and networking opportunities for undergraduate women. Throughout the day, students engage in sessions such as: micro-aggressions and micro-inequities, gender differences, taking risks, the impostor syndrome, and becoming confident leaders. 

Watch a video from the 2017 WE Lead Conference

Strengths Workshop

WiSE uses CliftonStrengths for Students™ assessment to help students understand how to apply their talents to the choices they make in their academic, career and personal lives. 

Leadership Studies

Through a partnership with the Leadership Studies Program, first-year students can enroll in a three-credit leadership course LD ST 291B (Leadership Through Service). The large group lecture is taught by a Leadership Studies Program faculty member on Mondays (3:10-4:30p). Small group discussions are facilitated by upper-division WiSE Leadership Peer Facilitators on Wednesdays (3:10-4:30p). 

Job Shadows & Site Visits

WiSE provides students with the opportunities to develop professional skills through campus partner programs, faculty engagement, research funding, networking events, and company tour and job shadows. 


Unfortunately, WiSE is unable to assist with professional development funding at this time. Please contact Sarah DuBois at sedubois@iastate.edu with questions.

Contact Information

Alicia Herron-Martinez • Program Coordinator • arherron@iastate.edu • 515-294-3265