Through a partnership with the Leadership Studies Program, first-year WiSE students can take a three-credit introductory leadership course Campus Leadership Development (LD ST 270) to build confidence in leadership abilities and and participate in service learning within the Ames community. Upper-division WiSE students facilitate breakout sessions related to leadership and women in STEM. Campus Leadership Development may be applied to the Leadership Studies Program Minor or Certificate.

Campus Leadership Development Student Comments:

"This course really helped me figure out a way to combine my major with my passion for helping people."

"It's helped my confidence of talking in front of people and also applying my leadership skills."

"Before the class, I wasn't sure if I could be a leader because I was more introverted, but [this class] showed me that anyone could be a leader and just have different styles of leadership."

"It'll help in any major...with building confidence, working in group settings, and being a better you."

Contact Information

Allie Parrott • Assistant Director for Undergraduate Programs • • 515-294-5278