Through a partnership with the Leadership Studies Program, first-year WiSE students can take a three-credit leadership course LD ST 291B (Leadership Through Service) to build and enhance confidence in leadership abilities to impact change in STEM and the world. Upper-division WiSE students facilitate breakout sessions related to leadership and women* in STEM. Leadership Through Service fulfills the U.S. Diversity requirement for graduation, and it may be applied to the Leadership Studies Program Minor or Certificate.

Campus Leadership Development Student Comments:

"This course really helped me figure out a way to combine my major with my passion for helping people."

"It's helped my confidence of talking in front of people and also applying my leadership skills."

"Before the class, I wasn't sure if I could be a leader because I was more introverted, but [this class] showed me that anyone could be a leader and just have different styles of leadership."

"It'll help in any major...with building confidence, working in group settings, and being a better you."

Contact Information

Alicia Herron-Martinez • Program Coordinator • • 515-294-3265