Being WiSE gives me the opportunity to be a part of something big. It lets me show that women can be a part of science and we can make a difference!" -current undergraduate student 

About the WiSE First-Year Experience

There are many ways to engage with WiSE during your first year! The WiSE First-Year Experience (FYE) is designed to help women direct from high school be successful in STEM fields by providing leadership opportunities and customized social and academic support while transitioning to Iowa State. Your journey in STEM at Iowa State begins with joining your major-specific learning community and participating in the WiSE FYE. You get to choose which component(s) of the WiSE FYE that interest YOU most: 

Residential Learning Community 

The residential learning community is designed to help first-year students connect and build a community with other women in STEM in majors where women remain unrepresented. 

Leadership Studies (Campus Leadership Development – LD ST 270)

Through a partnership with the Leadership Studies Program, first-year WiSE students can take a three-credit introductory leadership course Campus Leadership Development (LD ST 270) to build confidence in leadership abilities and and participate in service learning within the Ames community.

Contact Information

Carly Miller • Undergraduate Programs Coordinator • • 515-294-9964