About our Students

photo of Genna in Sweden
Genna Tesdall enjoying her time abroad in Sweden.

Genna Tesdall

Major:Global Resource Systems
Hometown: Ames, IA

Internships/research opportunities/co-ops:

Ames Laboratory Research Assistant: 2011-2012
Plant Sciences Intern: Summer 2013

Other activities on Campus:

Oak King Community Adviser
International Agriculture Club- Secretary, International Communications Editor

Why are you involved in PWSE/what has it provided for you:

I am involved in PWSE to become connected to motivated women with similar interests in science and engineering. I needed a community of female support, and I found it in my second year WiSE learning community.

Why did you choose your major:

I chose my primary major in Global Resource Systems for the well rounded and flexible curriculum it allows. GRS emphasizes the relation between science, culture, and development for making positive change in the world. The emphasis on international affairs is a huge attraction to the major. The opportunity to learn about agriculture and culture in different parts of the world is tantalizing.

Advice to new students:

I advise new students to avoid putting themselves in boxes. When I entered as a freshman at ISU, I defined myself as a competitive runner and an engineer. It was difficult to accept that I would change my definition of myself to one that was more abstract. This abstract definition now allows me to pursue variety of interests, such as a career in agriculture and forms of recreation like yoga.

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