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Katelyn Stangl

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Lakeville, MN

Internships/research opportunities/co-ops:


Other activities on Campus:

During my freshman year at Iowa State I have been involved with many different activities, including the Wise First Year Program, Colleges Against Cancer, Society of Women Engineers, and being a Wise Ambassador.

Being a part of the Women in Science and Engineering program has been a great experience as a freshman, I currently live on a floor with about 20 other girls that are in Science and Engineering majors. This has helped me meet girls that share my interests and are also taking the same classes as me. I have been able to form study groups with these girls as well as life long friends. WiSE has helped me build connections with other girls in my major, as well as provided resources that can help me throughout my career at Iowa State. I recently became a WiSE Ambassador for the Program of Women in Science and Engineering. As a WiSE Ambassador I meet with females and their families, who are considering joining the program. I sit in at these meetings and talk about my experiences with WiSE. 

The Society of Women Engineers is also a great organization that has helped me build connections throughout the engineering community. At meetings we meet with employers that talk about their company and what type of work engineers do for them. SWE also has many social events for its members that help female engineers connect with each other.  

Colleges Against Cancer is the other organization I am involved with on campus. In this organization we plan events to raise money for cancer research, including the Iowa State Relay for Life. I have really enjoyed this activity because it is something I am passionate about, and it gives me a break from all the engineering work I do. 

Why are you involved in PWSE/what has it provided for you:

I chose to be involved with PWSE because I thought it would give me a great opportunity to meet other girls who shared the same interests as me and were in many of the same classes. I also thought it would provide me with connections I would be able to use throughout my career at Iowa State. 

Over the past year, I have had an amazing experience being involved in the WiSE program my first semester at Iowa State. It has helped me educationally and socially. The events WiSE has held have helped me prepare for things such as the career fair and my college courses. Also through the WiSE program I have met many amazing friends and have had mentors that have helped me adapt to college life. It has been really nice to have the connections that WiSE has provided me throughout the semester.

Why did you choose your major:

I have always liked science and math since I was a little kid. It was what made sense to me. As I reached high school, my parents encouraged me to take some engineering classes my school offered. In these classes I learned engineering design on the computer and also built things such as robots. It is through these classes that I found my desire to become an engineer. When I came to Iowa State, my major was Engineering Undeclared. After taking Engineering 101 and seeing what each engineering discipline was about, I decided to declare my major as Mechanical Engineering. I chose this because I loved the aspect of designing products in the medical and environmental fields, and Mechanical Engineering is what fit this desire.  

Advice to new ISU students??

My advice to new Iowa State students is to step outside your comfort zone. I am a shy person, but I pushed myself to step outside my comfort zone and it has been very beneficial. I have met many lifelong friends through just walking up to someone and starting a conversation with them. I have talked to future employers and started to build connections throughout the engineering society by stepping out of my comfort zone. A year ago I probably would have never done any of these things, but I am glad I did. So my one piece of advice is to put yourself out there and see what happens. You may meet a best friend, or gain yourself your dream job.