About our Students

photo of Rachel

Rachel Morris

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Internships/research opportunities/co-ops:

Summer 2012- Research Experience with the University of Pittsburgh.  I worked with a Post-Doc on her projects for the summer within the BioEngineering Department.

Other activities on Campus:

Marching Band, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Minds of Tomorrow,WISE

Why are you involved in PWSE/what has it provided for you:

I really enjoy getting to know other girls that are science and math majors.  If I am having trouble with my homework, I just walk down the hall, and there is someone working on their homework too that is willing to help me.  I don't have to worry about the "wild parties."  Instead, I can watch movies, go to the MU, and study with the girls on my floor.

Why did you choose your major:

I chose my major because I love Physics and math. I want to apply my knowledge to "real-world problems.” I enjoy learning how to solve new and exciting problems and chemistry is cool!  I also enjoy biology, so I plan to minor in Biological Engineering.

Advice to new students:

Make friends with people in your classes, so you can study with them and learn the material better than by yourself.  Do the stuff you loved in High School in college, it will make you so much happier and a more balanced person.  Don't be afraid to try new things: I tried Women's Rugby, which was totally fun!  However, try not to over-book yourself--always save time for your homework and get sleep!