About our Students

Mary Hallman, while studying abroad in Indonesia last year.

Mary Hallman

Major: Kinesiology and Health
Hometown: Pocahontas, IA
Extracurricular Activities: WiSE Peer Mentor, Community Advisor for Oak-Elm Residence Hall, and Orchesis II Dance Company

How did you choose to attend Iowa State University?

Both my older brother and sister came to ISU, so I became familiar with the campus while visiting them. ?I really liked the Kinesiology program here. ?I hadn’t yet decided on a major, but knew that I wanted to do something in the health and science fields. ?Iowa State offered so many choices, so I felt hopeful that I could find the right path for me here. ?Plus, my older sister was going to be a senior my freshman year, and I liked the idea of having her as a support system for me during my first year.

Do you have a favorite memory or meaningful experience from Iowa State?

This is a tough one! ?All of freshmen year was great! ?I lived in Friley Hall and felt like I knew everyone in that building. ?Everything was new and exciting but still a little scary for me. ?I liked the challenge of getting used to everything and adjusting to college life. ?Looking back, it was one of the best times of my life!

What are your future plans and/or plans after graduation?

There are a couple options that I’m mulling over at the moment. ?I may go on to Physical Therapy school, which would last a couple years, and then try to get a job. ?But there is also the possibility that I’ll take a year off from school to work and travel. ?I caught the “travel bug” while studying abroad in Indonesia and have been planning adventurous trips ever since. ?I’d like to be able to teach English in schools abroad. ?So for now, I’m keeping my options open!

What activities have you been involved with at Iowa State University?

My favorite activity has been being a part of Orchesis II dance company. ?I joined as a freshman looking for ways to get back into dance, and immediately fell in love with the different styles of dance and the fun atmosphere of the club. ?I have been taking leadership roles in the club for a while now, and was recently elected the 2012-2013 club president and am really looking forward to this next year. ?Orchesis made such a big impact on me because it was so much fun and gave me a place to belong.

How have you connected best with your department?

I’ve connected with the professors in the Kinesiology department really well.? I’ve been very participatory in class discussions and have met professors in their office hours to talk about lecture material. ?That has really helped me learn better and become more successful in classes. ?My advisor has been very helpful connecting me with other student leaders and I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work with my peers. ?The WiSE program was also another great experience for me. ?I still have classes with girls I met freshman year in WiSE and will run into old housemates all over campus! ?WiSE has been an invaluable resource for me these past 3 years.

What is your advice to incoming students?

Always be yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff. ?College will challenge you academically and socially, but that’s good. ?Now is the time to learn about yourself and become the best “you” you can be. ?Stay true to who you are, make yourself happy, work hard, and the rest will fall in place!