WiSE offers scholarships to undergraduate women enrolled in science, technology, engineering and math curricula at Iowa State. Students apply during January each year for scholarships. Students who are high school seniors may apply for the WiSE Scholarship Program, Janice Davison, Diane Brandt or the Sylvia Stoesser Memorial Scholarships and currently enrolled undergraduate students or transfer students are eligible to apply for the Janice Davison, Diane Brandt, Laurel Ann Crowe or the Charles T. Wright, or the General WiSE Scholarship Programs.

During 2015-16 academic year, 88 scholarships totaling $103,000 were awarded to female undergraduate science or engineering students through funding provided by external gifts. This brings the total amount of scholarship money awarded to over $750,000 since the program's inception. This year, we are expecting to award $90,000 in scholarships.

Scholarships for: