WiSE Learning Community Second-year Peer Mentors

The peer mentor is a student staff member who acts as the primary point of contact between the Program for Women in Science and Engineering and the members of the WiSE Learning Communities. The WiSE Learning Communities are residentially based and activities last for an academic year. Each learning community is comprised of approximately 20-25 first-year women majoring in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) major. Because women are an underrepresented population within the STEM majors, they often feel isolated and disconnected from campus. The WiSE Learning Communities exist to reduce these feelings and to assist students with their transitions to college. Each learning community is led by one peer mentor, who work to serve as a role model for their students. Peer Mentors assist learning community members in achieving the following goals:

  • increased capacity to succeed in diverse and challenging curricula
  • development of community leadership skills
  • development of a greater sense of personal well-being
  • increased self-efficacy
  • increased career maturity
  • create a community based on shared goals of scholarship and excellence
  • development of cross cultural understanding

2013 Second Year Learning Community Coordinators and Peer Mentor

First Name Last Name Position Telephone Email
Janelle Aimi Second-year & Transfer Learning Community Coordinator 515-294-7165 pwselct@iastate.edu
Allie Rowe Retetion Coordinator 515-294-5278 arowe@iastate.edu
First Name Last Name Learning Community Major Email
Peer Mentors
Anna Krug 2nd Year Biology aekrug@iastate.edu
Kathryn Moorhead 2nd Year Food Science moorhead@iastate.edu
Mackenzie Sissel 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering mjsissel@iastate.edu