On-campus Programs

A WiSE student in Civil and Construction Engineering Testing the Water Quality of Lake Laverne.

Overview of Programs for Women in Science and Engineering

Because women are an underrepresented population within STEM majors, they often feel isolated and disconnected from campus. The Program for Women in Science and Engineering offers a variety of programs in order to reduce these feelings and to assist students in attaining their goals.

Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) Learning Communities

Designed to help women in STEM fields be successful by providing social and academic support while providing opporutnities to develop and enhance their leadership skills. There are WiSE Learning Communities for first-year students, second-year students and transfer students. Learn more about the residential and course-based options for women in STEM...


WiSE offers scholarships to undergraduate women enrolled in science or engineering curricula at Iowa State. Students apply during January each year for scholarships. Students who are high school seniors may apply for the First-year Scholars Program or the Sylvia Stoesser Memorial Scholarships and currently enrolled undergraduate students or transfer students are eligible to apply for the Ada Hayden Scholars Program or the Charles T. Wright Scholarship. Learn more about the WiSE scholarships...

Student Role Model Program

The Program for Women in Science and Engineering is excited to reveal to you a fun and rewarding job opportunity as a Student Role Model. The job of a Role Model is to encourage students in grades K-12 to pursue the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. To do this, Role Models visit schools and other events to lead students in fun, interactive science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities. To learn more about becoming a Role Model contact the student role model assistant,Rachael Barnes (515) 294-5814 or Janice Crow, Outreach Coordinator, (515) 294-5883 or email rolemodels@iastate.edu.

Getting Involved

There are hundreds of student organizations and clubs at Iowa State, including groups like the Society of Women Engineers and Science Explorations, the WiSE Club, that focus specifically on women in science or engineering majors. Students can also volunteer by being a Student Ambassador, or helping out with our Taking the Road Less Traveled Career Conferences. Contact our office at wise@iastate.edu or by telephone at 515-294-0966 to learn more about getting involved. Check out our activities or join our facebook group and join us at our next event.