Grant Partnering and Support for Iowa State University Faculty

Partnering on NSF Broader Impacts and Other Grants

  • Work collaboratively with faculty to develop ideas/initiatives that faculty can incorporate into their broader impact/educational programming within grants.  For some examples of what faculty have included in recent proposals, click here.
  • Provide letters of support/collaboration for faculty who want to include work supporting women/diversity as a part of the broader impact of their grants to NSF (or other agencies).  
  • Serve as collaborators or Co-PI's on grants aimed at increasing the representation of women in STEM
  • Direct faculty to data and literature relevant to the under-representation of women in engineering/science (both national and ISU data).
  • Connect faculty with others (both inside Iowa State and externally) who are working with programs to increase the diversity of students within STEM.

If you are an ISU researcher/faculty member that would like assistance from, or to collaborate with, WiSE on a grant application, please contact Lora Leigh Chrystal, Director, Program for Women in Science and Engineering