Corporate Partners

It has been noted that to create the changes in science, technology, engineering, and math within the U.S. to meet national needs and to be more inclusive of all individuals will require partnerships between educational institutions and the business communities. WiSE has a long history of engaging corporate partners to advance the goal of graduating more women in STEM disciplines. While the financial support of corporations is critical for WiSE to be able to offer its programs,corporate partnerships go beyond just the financial support. Highlights of the WiSE Corporate Partnerships are provided below.

To take the first step toward establishing a new partnership with WiSE or enhancing an existing partnership, contact Lora Leigh Chrystal, Director,, 515-294-4317

What corporate partners bring to the partnership:

  • Industry/real world connections
    • People role models/women employed in STEM
    • Places -- opportunities for industry/site visits for students
  • Expertise
    • Understanding of corporate culture/needs
    • Job skills to share with students (resumes, interviewing, etc.)
    • New perspectives to information WiSE programs/efforts
    • Understanding of workplace issues to share with students
  • Financial support
    • Support of WiSE programs, operations, projects
    • Support for scholarships for women in STEM
    • Supplies/in-kind support (give-aways for student events, hosting for visits, etc.)
  • Influence
    • Ability to highlight the importance of women in STEM in a variety of venues: within university with administrators and in department/college advisory boards, within other STEM programs and workforce/economic development discussions, etc.

What WiSE brings to the partnership:

  • Statewide outreach programs attracting women (and all students) into STEM
  • Successful programs supporting the undergraduate success and graduation of women in STEM
  • Expertise
    • Recruitment strategies effective for women in STEM
    • Corporate/student engagement
    • Research/best practices related to women in STEM
  • Access/connections to students from first-year through seniors
  • Corporate connections and visibility with female STEM students
    • Brand visibility, visits to facilities, speakers for events, etc.
  • Connections with other STEM initiatives (e.g. Dept of Ed STEM Equity and PAGE grants, training sessions for Project Lead the Way, Governor’s STEM Advisory Committee, national leadership with Women in Engineering ProActive Network (WEPAN))

Common Ways Corporate Partners Get Involved

  • Designate an individual to serve on the Advisory Board
    • Meetings twice a year (half-day)
    • Guidance on program direction, issues relevant for women in STEM, etc.
  • Provide financial support
    • Support overall program operations to support all WiSE programmatic efforts
    • Specific program (e.g. funding to support career conferences, student role model program expansion, undergraduate academic support/learning communities, etc.)
    • Scholarships to women in STEM
  • Corporate employees volunteer/participate in WiSE programs
    • Presenters for Taking the Road Less Traveled Conferences held on ISU campus six times a year for middle and high school girls
    • Panels and networking events for sophomore/transfers
    • Presentations at leadership conference
    • Agree to be “Interviewed” by students seeking career knowledge/background in the sophomore success course
    • Host lunch/dinner with learning community students when visiting campus
    • Host industry visits for groups of students (if in Iowa or surrounding state)

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